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Post  xiaofeifei on Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:23 pm

By taking stock of your current jewelry collection, you will be ready to perceive how much jewellery you've got and start to notice similarities between the items that you own.<strong><a href="" target=_blank>pandora charms</a></strong> , Your jewellery may follow a related style - creative, fashionable, up to date, traditional, or antique.<strong><a href="" target=_blank>tiffany co</a></strong> , Maybe you will detect that you simply desire silver to copper, fine to fashion, or precious gems to pearls, or alternative gemstones.<strong><a href="" target=_blank>mbt marki</a></strong> , By taking in these parallels, you may then be able to harmonize pieces that match.<strong><a href="" target=_blank>giubbini moncler</a></strong> ,

Your personal preferences will dictate how you'd like to organize your jewelry collection - group by like styles(modern, classic, antique), colours, or sorts of items (rings with rings - bracelets with bracelets). For example, you would possibly group an antique ring, earrings, and bracelet set together. You would possibly have a designer jewelry collection of fashionable pieces in a similar style or color that you desire to keep as a group.

When trying to coordinate jewellery with an outfit, do you search for similarstyles? Classify your jewelry in the method that works best for your daily life. You can disregard all the principles you have learned regarding mixing custom hand crafted jewellery with costume jewelry. Most jewelers will not tell you this, but it's okay to mix a top quality man-made ruby ring with genuine ruby earrings, given that they give the impression of being great together. It's even okay to wear silver pieces with gold pieces together and to combine coloured stones together. Two tone metal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are currently chic.

Once grouping your jewellery, take a good, lengthy look...and ask yourself: What items do I wear frequently? What jewelry never gets worn? Why do I wear some things and not others? The answers to those queries may be for sensible reasons. For instance, you might have pieces that need to be cleaned, or pieces that should be repaired, and that is why you don't wear them. Sometimes the reason you don't wear a piece of jewellery is less logical, but a lot more emotional. An item of jewelry may be connected with a prior relationship. Whereas it once held a terribly unique meaning, it now harks back to sorrowful memories and therefore remains concealed in the bottom of your jewelry box. Get those items out of your jewellery box so they do not negatively affect all the great vibes that your positive jewelry holds.

While you have got your jewelry out, and you're gazing at all of your fabulous items, you should make several lists. First, jot down the items you have, especially the ones of value. This causes you to take stock of these items that should be placed carefully and that might additionally need insuring in case of loss or theft. Second, build an inventory of these jewelry items you would like to purchase. Write down all those items you crave you had to go with the items you already own. Store this list in your jewelry armoire as a reminder of what you'd like. When you see a image in a magazine or a piece on your list, tear it out and place it together with your wish list. This will help you envision the jewellery you desire to acquire.

Creating a would like list forces you to focus your future jewellery shopping for choices. You might own a amazing freshwater pearl necklace that belonged to your grandmother, but you never wear it because you do not have any earrings to go with it. Wish lists make gift buying a lot easier. Remarking how great your distinctive carnelian bracelet would look with a carnelian ring might be just the ruse in getting what you would like on your next birthday or holiday. Making a wish list will additionally help you spot items in your collection which will be altered in the future into what you want. Think artistically about which items would possibly gain new life in another form. Contact a gifted jewelry designer that designs custom handcrafted jewellery and rework that old item into something stunning.

By taking stock of your current jewelry collection, you may be able to coordinate your jewelry with outfits and develop a selection of "complete" looks. This ensures you'll have items that match rather than a mishmash of items that end up getting lost in the shuffle and taking up precious space. Once you have re-arranged your jewelry, you are ready to ponder your jewellery assortment as a whole.


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